Fractal.MXG by Materialize

The fractal.mgx coffee table is derived from studying the fractal growth patterns of trees. reinforcing the growing bond between nature & mathematical formulas, this table is comprised of treelike stems which grow into smaller branches until they get very dense at the top. manufactured as a single piece – without seams or joints – using stereolithography, fractal.mgx would be impossible to produce using other manufacturing techniques. made from epoxy resin.

fractal.mgx was launched in 2009 as part of the e-volution collection. inspired by the digital, environmental, & artistic transitions taking place in the world, this collection was brought to life using the revolutionary .mgx additive layered fabrication (ALF). these techniques enable the merging of design, art, nature, & technology and take the concept of beauty to a new level.

the designers, gernot oberfell & jan wertal, founded their own studio in 2007 after studying industrial design at the state academy of art in stuttgart, germany. they share a strong interest in new technologies and processes, discovering very early the possibilities of computer aided design as a source of inspiration and a vehicle to discover new & exciting form languages.

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