/// Our Five Favorite Funders ///

Check out our weekly round-up of our favorite projects that are currently seeking funding. This week, we’ve featured campaigns from:

  •  Brewbot: The Smart Brewing Appliancea smart brewing appliance that you can control and monitor with your smartphone. Never brewed? No problem. Their goal is to make an easy-to-use, controlled environment that is aesthetically pleasing, and frees up brewers to focus on the recipes.
  • Socktoberan initiative from a nonprofit that believes in the huge potential of local leaders working in very poor communities in South Africa, Kenya and Papua New Guinea
  • Construction Matters: a book that discusses the artistic potential of the most important building methods for the creation of form and space, and traces how their constructive parameters were transformed by technological innovations in the 20th Century, and in contemporary practice.
  • TangeezThese “physical pixels” create a tactile, interactive and social experience that allows you to hold and control light.  Tangeez combine red, green and blue light to create a spectrum of colors that change depending on how you stack them.  
  • Petcube Petcube brings people closer to their furry loved ones. As long as there are some bars on your smartphone you can check on your pet from any part of the globe.

If any of these projects strike your fancy, consider backing them!

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